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By car or motorbike

The car although it cost more than public transport, it is ideal for exploring every corner of the island and discover hidden beauty. You can simply, quickly and cheaply to rent cars can take it to the port or airport.

Renting a car or motorbike is a great way to be able to travel to Mykonos with the pace that suits you best. Rent a car for the whole or a part of your vacation. You can find many rental car companies, many of which offer special prices.

Documents you will need

You will need to provide a valid driving licence, issued in your country of residence at least one year ago (some companies require 2 years).

If your permit has been issued with additional documents, you should submit them as well. Where your permit has been issued to another EC / ECA, you may need an international driving licence.

By Taxi

The taxi is clearly the most rested means of transport, but also the most expensive. The levels are set each year and are specific to each destination on the island, with no taximeters. You can find taxis in town, (square Manto) and Fabrica

By Bus

It is the surest and most inexpensive way to get around on the island. The regular bus service offers the best and most economical way to visit all locations.

There are 3 bus stations in three different areas of the island.

·  Bus Station 1 at Fabrica going to: τον Platys Gyalos, Psarou, Ornos, Agios Ioannis, Paradise and Paraga.

·  Bus Station 2 OTE area going to: Ano Mera, τον Kalafati and Elia.

·  Bus Station 3 Old Port going to: New Port and Agios Stefanos

Contact Number: (+30) 22890 23.360, (+30) 22890 26.797

Fax: (+30) 22890 28.091

e-mail: ktelmyk@otenet.gr

website : www.ktelmykonos.gr

By caique

In every Greek island the caiques are very popular transport option. It is absolutely safe and the ticket cost is real low. It is the most perfect way to take you to the most remote beaches on the island. You can take them from Platis Gialos beabh, located south of the island and is one of the most popular